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Rachel Oskierko

Sales Associate


Beaver Management Specialist and Semi-professional Bollywood Voice-over Actress

Facts About Me

  • I am a self proclaimed Scooby Doo expert. Seriously, ask me anything.
  • I have a writing endorsement on my diploma, and I am a certified television producer.
  • I am proficient in Spanish... At a second grade level!
  • My gangster name would be Mulher de Branco.
  • I am a bartending master. It's all about the proper ratio of delicious and deadly.
  • I am a crazy US Women's Soccer Team fan. I drove to Canada eight times in a month to see them play.
  • I know the lyrics to every Aqua song, and I have no shame!
  • I believe to be the greatest super hero of all time, you just need a stupid amount of money.