Our company started in 1996 when our owner, Adam Taft began to sell import performance parts out of the office of his parents architectural business located in a small house in Beaverton OR.

Friends would ask for Adam who would roll out a baker's rack out which contained all his inventory.

Employees 1 1996
In 1998 Adam left his parent house and rented space in a small retail in an industrial park.

For the first time our company had employees and inventory. Under the name ALTA Sports our company became the premiere Honda tuning and aftermarket specialist in the portland area.

Employees 3 1998
In 2002, the Honda market became over saturated so we started to carry aftermarket Subaru products. Subaru was so successful we dropped all other products.

Jeff Perrin joined our staff as an installer/tech as we quietly we began to manufacture a few Subaru parts under the PERRIN brand name.

Employees 4 2002
Bursting at the seems as our PERRIN and ALTA brand parts were selling like crazy, we were forced to move once again in search of a larger warehouse space.

New vehicle lines like the EVO and Scion were added. We also bought a massive 2 car stacker trailer and hauler plus we purchased our first forklift.

Employees 6 2005
In 2007 we purchased a 25,000 sq/ft facility in Hillsboro, Oregon. With room to grow we could now add more production and more office staff. First the first time since we began manufacturing we had a real showroom for local customers to see our products and we purchased an in-house dyno for testing and tuning.

Employees 11 2007
Today, we continue to grow adding East and West Coast distribution to our wholesale network. With dedicated Sales, R&D, Marketing, Shipping and Receiving, Product Builds, now a Finishing Department, we are pushing forward and looking to expand. A new building may be on the way very soon.

Employees 18 2014

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